Electome network factors: Capturing emotional brain networks related to health and disease.


Therapeutic development for mental disorders has been slow despite the high worldwide prevalence of illness. Unfortunately, cellular and circuit insights into disease etiology have largely failed to generalize across individuals that carry the same diagnosis, reflecting an unmet need to identify convergent mechanisms that would facilitate optimal treatment. Here, we discuss how mesoscale networks can encode affect and other cognitive processes. These networks can be discovered through electrical functional connectome (electome) analysis, a method built upon explainable machine learning models for analyzing and interpreting mesoscale brain-wide signals in a behavioral context. We also outline best practices for identifying these generalizable, interpretable, and biologically relevant networks. Looking forward, translational electome analysis can span species and various moods, cognitive processes, or other brain states, supporting translational medicine. Thus, we argue that electome analysis provides potential translational biomarkers for developing next-generation therapeutics that exhibit high efficacy across heterogeneous disorders.